Is it bad that I never really wanted to be saved?
Multi-instrumentalist, writer, journalist, gamer, Based God. Bleed uncertainty and swallow truth.

But, like, smart zombies who eat Boston Market and stuff.

Gotta be fresh brrrrraaaaaiiiinnnnssss!
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Fucking hell, it took me a few minutes to realise what the fuck was going on.
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From an August, 1989 interview with Kurt Cobain from ‘NME’ magazine:

Hottest item this summer has to be the official Nirvana T-shirt with the band’s logo emblazoned over what looks like a set of tree rings or perhaps a detailed cross section of a piece of bone.
Neither of my guesses is right, however.
Kurt Cobain: “It’s a graph of the third ring of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. On the back of that shirt it says, ‘Fudge Packin’, ‘Crack Smokin’, Satan Worshippin’ Motherfuckers’. Each member of the band represents one of those categories.”

Interviewer: "So which one are you Kurt?"
Kurt Cobain: "I haven’t decided yet, we alternate!”

Read the full August, 1989 interview with Kurt Cobain here.
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my night lmao
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lost and lonely
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Is there anything more splendid than fog moving through mountains?

No wonder Ansel loved Yosemite so much…
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